Nurse Residency Program at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

The application for the Nurse Residency Program is now open until August 5, 2016.

What is the Nurse Residency Program?

    The Nurse Residency Program at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center provides an opportunity for new nurse graduates to be supported and integrated into the hospital culture as they transition from student to registered nurse. The program offers an extended preceptorship, as well as twelve class sessions that help to assimilate the new nurse residents into the hospital ethos, and assist their growth into capable nurses. The class sessions focus on critical thinking, professional development, skill development, therapeutic relationships, teambuilding, and energy management. The blend of ongoing mentorship with skill and competency building fosters connections in the workplace and helps to bridge the gap between being a student into practice as a registered nurse.

The Nurse Residency Program is a year-long program that includes:

  • Paid, one-to-one preceptor/new graduate orientation experience on the clinical unit the nurse is hired to
  • Specialty training designed for recently graduated registered nurses, including in the classroom, skills lab, simulation lab, and occasionally outdoors
  • Monthly Nurse Residency sessions, presented by subject matter experts (nurses paid for time in attendance)
  • Participation in an evidence-based learning project that provides the opportunity to improve patient care, learn more about resources, and enhance the nursing practice within the organization
  • High-quality benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance; retirement; PTO; and short-term disability

Why choose to participate in the Nurse Residency Program?

    Cheyenne Regional’s Nurse Residency Program has been developed by experts in the field of nursing. The program is designed to effectively support newly graduated nurses as they transition into their first professional roles as registered nurses in acute care or specialty healthcare settings.
    Graduates of this one-year program:
  • Gain clinical autonomy at the point of patient care
  • Are able to incorporate research-based evidence into their practices to advance safe, high-quality nursing
  • Develop a strengthened commitment to nursing as a career
  • Develop interdepartmental and interdisciplinary professional relationships

Do I qualify to apply for the Nurse Residency Program?

    Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a recent (or soon to be) graduate from an accredited nursing institution (BSN, ADN, Diploma, or Accelerated)
  • Employed less than one year in an RN position*
  • Successful completion of the NCLEX-RN prior to start date
  • Have a current, unencumbered Wyoming RN license prior to start date

If you have less than 6 months of experience working as an RN, you must apply to the Nurse Residency Program, rather than applying for a Staff RN position at Cheyenne Regional.

How do I apply to the Nurse Residency Program?

    It’s important to note thatonly complete applications will be considered. Please follow the steps outlined below to ensure that you submit a complete applications package.

  • Go to
  • Selection ‘Careers’ from the menu at the top of the page
  • Click on ‘Job Search’ (left column) and select ‘Nursing’
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view open positions
  • Click on the open position title ‘RN Nurse Resident’

In addition to completing the application online, you will also need to submit the following items:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript

1. Your cover letter must include:

    a) The areas of nursing you are interested in
  • Please see the FAQ attachment for available departments and information regarding each department

b) Your cumulative GPA
c) Your degree type

  • (Examples include: associate’s degree in Nursing, bachelor’s degree in Nursing, OR, currently co-enrolled in a bachelor’s program in Nursing)

d) Answer the following questions (in 200 words or less, per question please):

  • Write about an experience in which you took care of a difficult patient or faced a difficult situation that resulted from patient illness or behavior.
    • Describe how you handled the situation.
    • What did you learn from the experience?
  • Write about a professional or academic process or project that you worked on in the past – one that you were very passionate about. (For the purposes of this question, the project must have taken at least a few months to complete.)
    • What was the process or project you worked on?
    • What was your role in the process or project?
    • How long were you involved iwth the process or project?
    • How did you keep yourself and/or your team motivated?
    • What was the outcome?

    NOTE: Please attach your completed cover letter and resume to the “resume” section of the online application. If you are unable to attach a document, please email it to with your name and ‘Nurse Residency Program’ in the subject line.

2. Your unofficial transcript should be sent to:

    Nurse Residency Coordinator (Attn: Tess Taylor)
    214 E 23rd. St.
    Cheyenne, WY 82001
    You may also send by email, to:

What should I expect once I’ve submitted my application?

  • After you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email from the organization verifying that your application has been submitted. Please check your email regularly throughout the application process.
  • Approximately a week after the application window has closed, you will be contacted by telephone and informed whether you’ve been selected for an interview.
  • If you are selected for an interview, you will be sent a confirmation email with the date, time, and location of your interview.
  • If you are selected for a position in the Nurse Residency Program, you will need to read the Nurse Residency CONTRACT before your start date.

Thank you for your interest in Cheyenne Regional!